Fintech Friday
  • Organizer: Fintech Alliance Nepal

Fintech Alliance Nepal is organizing the next session of Fintech Friday event at the prestigious Hotel Yak & Yeti in Kathmandu on coming September 29. This session will include the Nepal's national ID system and the comprehensive framework for centralized KYC processes within the banking and financial sector.

Fintech Alliance Nepal cordially invite you to join  Friday evening to explore the intricate relationship between national ID systems, KYC processes, and the pursuit of financial inclusion. This event promises to be an eye-opener for individuals in the fintech, digital governance, and financial services arena.

Due to limited seating availability, Fintech Alliance Nepal kindly request participants to register in advance via this link: Registration Link: To ensure the sustainability of these events, they have introduced a nominal registration fee.

Event Highlights:

1). Technical presentation by the Department of National ID and Civil Registration.

2). Engaging panel discussion featuring experts from Nepal Rastra Bank, Department of National ID and Civil Registration, Fintech Alliance Nepal, and  E-Government Commission.

3).Networking session accompanied by a delightful tea spread.